Some Quick Wedding Photo Tip


Who wants to have a bad wedding portrait? No one of course. Your wedding pictures may be the one part of the big day that stays with you forever. Gifts get used up or go out of style as will favors and keepsakes. Since photographs are meant to be with you for an entire lifetime, pay attention to some of these wedding photo tips so that you can be sure you get the best pictures possible.

Simple wedding photo tips start with the pose. Usually, a photographer will want to pose the couple in a unique and creative way. Gone are the days when wedding portraits consisted of the couple just staring at the camera from the center of the picture. Photographers know that wedding photo tips mean to dress up the poses of the couple; they may want to look at each other, look at something off to one side, or even be walking away from the camera while holding hands. When a couple is just staring at the camera, this doesn’t express a lot of emotion, but when they’re staring at each other, you get the love they must be feeling. Looking into the distance or walking away can signify the life they’re about to start together. These simple wedding photo tips as to the pose should be the responsibility of the photographer to recommend and to get set up.

As for the bride and the groom, their wedding photo tips may include their facial expressions and how they hold themselves during the snapping of the pictures. Any tension on the face or in the body will be telegraphed through the pictures. It’s very important to maintain good posture but to relax during photo shoots and even for candid photos. These wedding photo tips will make the subjects look much better in any picture. The bride should remember to hold her flowers so that they don’t block the upper part of her dress; her wrist should be about the location of her hip bone. And while a photographer might remind the bride and groom of these wedding photo tips they too will need to take some responsibility in this regard and make sure they’re relaxed and happy for the photos. Weddings are usually a roller coaster of emotions, so this might take some conscious thought and effort!

Other simple wedding photo tips include dressing up the inanimate objects when they’re being photographed; move some flowers closer to the wedding cake or surround the wedding favors with flowers as well. When taking candid shots, wedding photo tips often resemble tips you get for taking action shots since most subjects of these wedding photos are always moving. Anticipate their action and what will happen next. Try to aim forward rather than focusing right on a subject that might be moving too quickly for you.

Incorporate all these wedding photo tips when shooting a wedding or when you’re the subject, and you’re sure to have some great photographs.